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The electronics!!!!

I'm a mid-west mom who loves her kids very much. Which if you are also a mom and reading this I'm sure you love your children just as much. I have found out with having a large family, being some what from the middle class, and in the times with all the technology my children don't want for much. I know that some people have different opinions than I do with this subject. My kids don't need another video game or toy that they aren't going to remember when they get older. So I have adopted the idea that travel and experiences are more important. My children also love the idea of traveling and trips just as much as I do at this point.

Tip #1 This is a planning/alleviating some financial responsibility from the person taking the trip. Get your kids involved. One of the most unexpected prices is souvenirs. My children know that if they would like extra desserts, souvenirs, presents for one of their friends they need to try to save the money ahead of time. Trust me when I say they enjoy being able to make decisions on a vacation. The younger the more they will need guidance, but 8 or 9 was a good age for my children to start making their own money choices. It makes those trip so much more enjoyable when you aren't having to divert attentions or have mom guilt about how your children deserve that stuffed animal. This might be hard the first trip that you plan because they may have never had to save up for something like this before. Some examples of how they can save money: The good old chore and allowance method, birthday and holiday money, doing yard work or small jobs in their neighborhood, my children's most lucrative project for them was recycling aluminum cans and splitting that money. I'm sure there are plenty of other ways. And by no means am I saying make your children responsible for more than you feel is appropriate for your own children. But this has worked for me in my travels with my own kids and relatives I have taken on vacations.

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