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Planning and Paying

Lets start at the basics for planning. Where are you going? What are you doing while your there? How are going to pay for it?

Lets start with where you are planning to go. This is step usually is the easiest for me. I love going places with my kids and doing just about anything. So the last long road trip I took with my kids and two nieces was 2 weeks long and across the North east states. It all started one day when a very cool video of a alpine coaster was on my Facebook feed. It instantly became something that was going to be added to my bucket list. After the video I did some research about alpine coasters. Where are they? The best ones to visit?

Once I made my mind about that it was simply to add different places to our road trip. So the easiest way I decide where we will go is by picking something that I really want to experience and build on things the kids will like around that. We as moms love to put our kids ahead of ourselves too often. You have to incorporate more things to make yourself happy and fulfilled.

Then most common question I receive is how to I pay for these trips?/How do I save for the activities? I would say that my method is similar to the David Ramsey method.

First step is to pick exact activities where you are going and then do some simple math to find out the exact amount you would need. Second you save up that amount and deposit that amount with a label into a envelope. The label for me is a heading, amount for each adult and child, and then a total amount. Third step seal that envelope and put into safe place. I have a part time job serving so this may seem easier done with someone with cash on hand. A big chunk of the expenses can then be accounted for a vacation and out of the way. You can then deposit the amount into the bank before you leave or just take the envelopes with you and open them once you start your activity.

Also as a pro tip you can eliminate some stress for your vacation or trip by somewhat doing the same idea with your bills. Most electric, water, and internet companies will allow you to make a larger payment on these bills. So four months before your trip you can add an extra $15-$20 over the bill amount. The month of your trip the bills should be paid for or very small at that point. Which is great relief for a single income households who are planning a trip. (I also do this around Christmas into New years to help with a big spending month into a slow season of work).

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