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This post is going to be about packing for a road trip. There are the obvious things you will need to pack clothes, tooth brush, shoes, etc. But here are some of my go to things I never leave out of my family travels.

One thing I take on most to all trips, unless it is a camping trip, is my amazon firestick. The great thing about the firestick is that it will plug into just about any tv out there. The firestick can connect to any Wi-Fi which most hotels have for free. The convenience about the firestick is that you don't need to stop watching those tv shows you are indulging in a home. Plus another thing about of living in a hotel is the get ready and wait aspect. One Bathroom creates a time frame of boredom with children where their time is waiting for the sibling or Mom to finishing touches of the morning routine. So why not let the kids start Moana for 1,304th time to keep them entertained and happy. Plus is you can always just start off when you get back at the place you left off of. This can most of the time be done with a DVD player and old DVDs. My kids have been into watching older movies since around the time they turned 10 years old. I bought a DVD player from Walmart for $25 and keep it in the box with the remote and have a DVD binder which you can switch out the movie you decide to bring.

Another thing that always comes with us on road trips is food and drinks. Packing and bring your own food on trips if you have available space is a money saver. Our family isn't all about restaurants, We spend more time and money on activities. On family trips we bring our coolers full of water bottles and soda. If you purchase a case of water from Walmart( $2.56 for 24 pack) vs a gas station ($1.30 and up for one bottle) the amount saved is crazy. I love to bring fruit and veggies also. You have to decide if you are driving a car vs driving something larger how much space is dedicated to food. We own a Yeti hopper cooler which is an investment. My opinion is the cooler is worth the money in the long run. We have had ours for four years and the cooler has stood up with the weather and use. Also the ice will not melt for up to three days. Some times on trips I have purchased lunchables and become an super hero by letting the kids have them for dinner. They are cheap, easy to find, easy to clean up. Another food related item/cooler that I love to take with me on trips is a backpack cooler. It is easy to fold down and clean out. I bought mine from TjMaxx for $10.00 on clearance.

Another tip I follow while packing is making a list of items I will use or need on my trip. It gives you somewhat of a perspective of all the items you might need to pack or use for different activities. Helps me with not over packing and making sure all of items I packed make it home with me. If something is used it just gets crossed off the list.

This packing list always includes a first-aid kit, vitamins, all medications needed for the allotted time, my handy kindle reader with a couple of new books down loaded for down time, and most of time one or two board games. Including but not limited to Uno, Ticket to Ride, or Disney's Villainous game.

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